Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fondant Alligator and Fondant Snake Cake and Cupcake Toppers

It's a jungle out there...and I have had a wonderful time supplying fondant safari animal cake and cupcake toppers for Baby Showers, Birthday celebrations, and other occasions.

Today, the Cupcake Stylist safari animal cake and cupcake topper family grew, with the addition of a fondant alligator

and fondant snake!

The family now consists of 9 fondant safari animals including:
  • Fondant Alligator
  • Fondant Elephant
  • Fondant Giraffe
  • Fondant Hippo
  • Fondant Lion
  • Fondant Monkey
  • Fondant Snake
  • Fondant Tiger
  • Fondant Zebra

The safari animals are offered in a number of sizes (from 2" to 8" tall), with or without party hats, with or without name or number sculptures, and in "classic" colors, or made to match your theme or color scheme.

There are many more safari animals and accessories to share, but I think you get the idea = )  So, if fondant safari animals are in your plans, contact me.  I would love to make fondant safari animals for you!

Afterall, my goal is to make it EASY for YOU to make it fabulous!

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  1. Can you please e-mail me with information as to where you are located and how much you charge for the alligator cupcake topper?

    Thank you in advance!